Diet and Exercise:  

Find out how to lose weight with a revolutionary new book.  "Don't Eat So Dang Much!"

Man on the Street:

"Just Amazing Technology"

Do we take for granted that our technology does what it says it does?

Lifestyle:  Keep up on the newest fitness crazes that sweeping the nation.  This week from Orlando Florida, "Comediaerobics." 

Historic Tours:

"South Beach & The Conga"

Watch how people in Miami party on the street and conga on command.

Future Inventions:


There is a downside to new technology, and we're brave enough to say it.  Sorry.

FAQ:  Are the thumbnails below, your show line-up?  Uh... yeah.


"The Rubberbandiminizer"

Works you out, and stops you from eating mayonnaise.  

"Because nothing is funnier than comedy."

Our Nightly News Show:

"Face the Opposition"

Does anybody remember what the questions was? 

Music Videos:

"El Nino"   

In trouble, just blame in on El Nino.

Career and Money.

"The Street Performer"

Learn new ways to use your talents to make extra money on the side 

Telling the Truth:

"The Big Project"

The Remote takes you inside the workings of Corporate America.

Fitness Tips:

"Workout During Your Lunch Hour"

There's only one way to do it and you know how.

Cutting Edge Reality Shows

College students, a Father from the suburbs, his two kids, and their puppy, live together for a year in a two bedroom apartment.

Game Shows:

"You Don't Know..."  Watch what when happens when one contestant is purposely outmatched on the subject matter.

Business and Consumer Info

"The Bad Home Office Worker"

There are many distractions that can make your day unproductiive.

"The Piggy Back Man"  

His hobby is giving piggy back rides and all are welcome.  How will society respond to this amazing, heartfelt, kindness.

Supernatural Events:

"The House of the Future"

What happens when technology is taken over by a demonic force.

Investigative Journalism:

"The Alcatraz files"

What really happened and could the daring escape have been avoided?.

Sports Network 20:     

"Two-Man Football League"

When the NFL's off season arrives, we fill the void with football and alcohol combined.

Time Travel:

"CES 2387"

Only on "The Remote" can you see the future of technology and telekinesis.

The Remote Broadcasting Company

Travel:   "Never Lost"

Advice for travelers on what can go wrong while on the road.