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"Your content + Funny = Money."

Who are we?  We don't know.  

Clever, creative, strangely attractive... we're none of these.  We are however, funny.  It's a curse.  We will never have a normal life, but we'd like you to benefit from our misfortune.

The Remote Productions has created hundreds of hours of humorous television shows, corporate videos, commercials, comedy shorts, and live entertainment for clients against their will.   Imagine having content that customers will watch more than once.  You'll be the envy of ALL the people you want to make envious.  That's a lot of people.   That's no way to live, however.

Huge, bureaucratic, soul-less, conglomerates even use comedy to drive their message.

Why?  Because nothing is funnier than comedy.

This pie chart proves it.                              BOOM!

We've  done every type of project, but at our core we are a humor and story-driven company.  Now, most stories have a protagonist with an all-important, must-have, goal and an antagonist trying to stop them.  If this scenario doesn't fit your business, we may have to stick with humor.  On the other hand, if an "Ominous Presence" is trying to stop you from making and selling your product, please don't call us. 

It's this simple.   Tell us what you'd like to accomplish large or small.  One joke or an anthology of epic comedy films about finance, relationships. and/or dragons.  We can do it.

We'll make it clever and effective for use in all present and future media.  You just might be on your way to becoming a huge, bureaucratic, soul-less, conglomerate... with pie charts.    

The Remote Productions